A Foreign Affair Band {Sacramento, CA Musician/Band Photographer}

These images mean a bunch to me,  the lead guitarist is my little brother.

Check out A Foreign Affair on Spotify and iTunes they are pretty amazing! 

[little bro ^]

Kaylee & Marcus Family {Layton Utah, Family Photograper}



I had the incredible oportunity to photograph some of the best, most meaningful jewelry I have ever seen. 
These pieces are handmade and definately one of a kind. The color of each stone is unique and personal to each client. This wonderful artist has learned how to make jewelry out of, wait for it...


All I know of the process is that the milk is freeze dried and the  powder is mixed with resen and made into a ring or other type of jewelry item, that is how the stone gets that beautiful milky color (haha good pun hu?).

And just recently I received my own ring in the mail. I am so grateful I took advantage of this opportunity. I have loved being able to breastfeed all 5 of my children and now I have something so beautiful to remember that beautiful time I spent nurishing each of them.

To have your one of a kind jewelry piece made you can contact Jennifer through her Facebook page Here!