Stunning Jenny {Salt Lake City, UT Wedding Photographer}

I am trying ever so hard to update my site. I am probably 50-60 sessions behind, so please forgive me if you have been dying to see your session on this here blog. I will hopefully have them all posted by the end of 2015 ;)

In the meantime you can enjoy a few of my favorites from my bridal session with Jenny...
I LOVED working with her, she is so down to earth and extremely fun to be around :) we even had to wait for a sudden rain storm to let up before we could finish her session and she wasn't stressed or upset at all!


Trevor & Olesya [Salt Lake City, UT Wedding Photographer]

I have been HORRIBLE at blogging! 
I am so sorry everyone! 
To make up for for my lack of posts, here are images from my favorite wedding this year.
Trevor & Olesya had a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City, followed by one of the most entertaining and sweetest receptions.

These guys were making a video for their dad for Father's Day and asked if they could film themselves butting in while we were taking pictures. It was a fun and unexpected memory this couple will now have for their wedding day story. 



Baby N [Layton, UT Newborn Photographer]

I was so excited to do this newborn session, not only because snuggling newborns is oh so fun, but because I got to catch up with an old friend. I met Julie when I lived in married student housing at BYU. Back then I only had 1 kid, and she only had 2. Now I have 4, she has 5, I am a photographer and she is an author. It's amazing how much has changed.

To find Julie's books click [here], you won't regret it :)