i have been thinking about doing a project amid my busy portrait taking schedule.

as i have pursued a business in photography i have grown to love that photography takes texture,colors and shapes to make it interesting even if the only color in a photograph is white and the only shape comes from the person being photographed.

i have decided to find a particular shape in my everyday life and take a picture of it
for now the CIRCLE is going to be my focus.
it can be smooth, rough, big, small, black and white, or so vibrant in color that it makes my eyes hurt.
it can be something i have seen many times before like a door nob or something i don't see very often like a farris wheel.  i am not sure how many pictures there will be in the end result {or if this project will be interesting at all} but i need to do this.
i have given myself a deadline of July 31. by then i want to have plethora of pictures posted on this blog to showcase a shape as simple as a circle, but also to showcase how different something as simple as a circle can be.