For Sale

Hello Fellow Canon users. The time has come for me to sell my Lensbaby lenses and optics. I am not selling these because I don't love them, but because I just don't use them enough, so they need a new home.

I have the following for sale. I am willing to sell them all together or separate. They are all in VERY good condition, better then "like new", they are only missing the boxes they were sold in. I have used the whole set just a hand full of times.


Double Glass optic

Single Glass optic

Fish Eye lens

Macro Lenses

Whole package

Example images
Double glass 

Fish Eye

Single glass

Macro 10+

Macro 4+

(All images are straight out of the camera)

All of the Lensbaby kits and lenses I bought at Picture Line in Salt Lake, if that makes any difference to you :)

The following are the prices I paid for my equipment.

    Composer and double glass optic kit    249.95
     Fish eye lens                                    149.95
     Single Glass optic                              29.95
     Macro filter kit                             
(2 filters one 37mm +4 the other 37mm +10) 45.00

totaling 474.85 (before tax)

They were all purchased new.

I did some research on how much you can buy them for now on Amazon

Composer with Double glass          195.00
Fish eye lens                                 146.95
single glass optic                            29.46
macro kit                                        45.00

totaling   416.41

I am willing to part with the everything for $300.00

or separately as follows:

Composer with one optic            140.00
I'll let you choose between the single and double glass, but remember...first come first serve.

Fish Eye Lens                           100.00
Single or Double Glass optic        24.00
Macro kit                                    36.00

If you have any questions please email me at marie{at}marielongphotography.com